Welcome and Hello!

You have somehow managed your way to my website or have stumbled upon it, but either way you will learn more about me through these pages. So, stay a while and enjoy!

My name is Rachel Mosley and I’m currently a graduate student at Texas State University studying Mass Communications with a concentration in Digital Media and work as a graduate instructional assistant in the School of Journalism and Mass Communications. I teach two labs for the undergraduate Fundamentals of Digital and Online Media course and I assist with coordinating Mass Communications Week with a variety of faculty, staff and students.

I would like to work in the profession of digital media after I graduate in December 2017. I’m currently focusing on web development and design, but I’m also peeking an interest towards marketing, advertising, and product management. I have many interests and I’m always wanting to create and learn more, which I believe is a necessity in the digital media field due to constant innovation, changing, and updating. I seek work and experiences that challenge me because it keeps my mind fresh, fast, excited and creative. Though I like to be challenged, I also like to sit back, relax, and enjoy life. Such from the words of Bob Marley…

“Love the life you live.

                Live the life you love.”


I always reach for what makes me happy and I follow through with whatever goals I have.