About Rachel

I was born and raised in Birmingham, AL. I lived in the same house for 19 years and first moved when I went to college at the University of Alabama. I majored in Psychology and minored in Journalism. I was very interested in the behavior of people and planned to become a mental health counselor, but I found my true desire for web development and design through my experiences with jobs and life changes after graduation. It took a long time and extensive amount of exploring to determine the path that I believe to best suit me, but I’ve finally found what I want and where I need to be.

I want a profession that I enjoy, challenges me, enhances my creativeness, and one that I can grow alongside. Digital media is a field that is constantly growing and changing which keeps everyone on their toes learning. I believe it’s vital to know coding and all the trends in social media to be an effective digital communicator. The digital media field is growing rapidly and it’s important for brands, companies, news organizations, etc. to be aware of the digital communication trends to keep their audiences informed and entertained. Communication is vital to the production and productivity within a company and outside of it. I’m interested in many aspects of a company and I enjoy speaking every language, whether that’s HTML and CSS, informing and entertaining a digital audience, or speaking with a client or fellow co-worker about a project or task. It took a while, but I finally found what I’m meant to do and I’m loving it!


So, you know where I am today, but who am I? When not working or in school, there are three main things you will find me doing…